Quality & Safety & Health
- Quality

Throughout all the aspects of any project, UTEC interprets and complies with all quality management requirements. The continually revised work processes provide us to incorporate the best current practices not only into the execution plan, but also into the procedures, specifications and design guidelines of all work. In order to achieve quality objectives of our company, we try to identify, understand and manage interrelated processes as a whole, which also contribute to the UTEC’s effectiveness and efficiency. We are aware of the fact that effective decisions can be taken, as long as a detailed analysis of data and information is possible.

In addition to the mere fulfillment of UTEC’s contractual duties, we are also consistently associated with the highest standarts of service, quality and personal attention to clients and integrity, while having a constructive approach towards both our clients and our partners.

- Safety

Surely, jobsite safety is a moral imperative as well as a legal requirement and in the light of this approach UTEC’s commitment to safety permeates every aspect of our organization. Top managers of our company believe that rigorous safety controls don’t detract from the bottom line, but actually improve relationships and job site efficiency to ensure top quality and value for project at hand.

Our safety efforts are based on our belief that every working person is entitled to a safe and healthful place to work. Also we firmly believe that a safe work place is the key to operational excellence and eliminates injuries and property damage with the additional benefit of reducing operating costs. Therefore the foundation of our safety culture rests on the following goals:

1. Provide our associates with the training and development necessary to achieve excellent safety performance.
2. Zero injuries
3. Zero loss time accidents
4. Zero O.S.H.A. or other regulatory deficiencies
5. Demonstrate model performance in our industry that all other companies measure against and seek to attain.

- Health

We are aware of the fact that UTEC has a responsibility to assure a safe work environment for our associates, subcontractors and the public. We believe that actions taken for protection of employees are vital to the short and long-term viability of our company. We pay attention to take preventive measures by continually identifying risk factors, managing the activity involved and eliminating associated hazardous risk factors. We achieve our health and safety policy by staying proactive and precise follow up of international standards.

Main principles that we are adhered to are as following:

· Preventing injury, occupational illness;
· Establishing policies and procedures that will ensure all employees are actively involved in safe work practices;
· Outlining the safety, health duties, and responsibilities of all individuals involved;
· Creating and implementing a plan for safety and health education, training, and monitoring that promotes the identification and elimination of hazards and/or unsafe acts.

All in all, UTEC never forgets that every project is built by a team of individuals, all of whom deserve to go home injury-free at the end of each day’s work. That is ultimately the goal of – and the reason for – our health & safety policy.